Lean 6 Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a tool for a strategic transformation and a corporate approach to the perfection of performance...

In order to create an innovative, fast, and efficient business culture and aiming always to be one step ahead, Borusan Group adopted and applied Lean Six Sigma as a part of its corporate structure in 2002.

Grounded on the vision of 'continuous improvement' and 'customer satisfaction' in our quality policy, Lean Six Sigma forms one of the fundamental features of business culture for Borusan Mannesmann.

178 Black Belt and 386 Master Green Belt projects are carried out applying Six Sigma methodology until the year 2015; by listening to our customers, improving our operations in order to meet the critical demands of our customers, and promoting our concept of high quality and service.

54 percent of our employees have participated personally in the projects. We believe that permanent improvement can only be achieved with the agreement and participation of our employees, therefore we put effort into creating opportunities for all our employees to take charge in the Lean Six Sigma projects and encourage them to participate.

On behalf of reducing costs and error rate, increasing efficiency, creating a growing customer satisfaction through rapid and effective improvement, we continue growing; applying Lean Six Sigma methodology and creating value for our shareholders.